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What is SEO and how does it can help me to grow my business?

SEO is defined as “Search Engine Optimization” which is a proven process to attain the required amount of traffic and conversions drawn to the website. There are some common terms used in SEO and few of them are Meta tags, Alt tags, Backlinks, Unique content and most importantly our effort part. SERP is something that allows us to perform the SEO part as it stands for Search Engine Results Page that displayed on your search engine page.

We at Virito Technology, not only provides SEO services but can also explain the whole SEO phenomenon. We start our work by analyzing the website and then research for the competitors and then basically start the SEO part by finding keywords that can draw the maximum amount of traffic for your project.

While starting the SEO walk, we keep our focus on the competitor as well like about the websites they are getting backlinks from, Internal linking, Strategy and other factors too.

Keywords are the terms that we put into the search box to find the related results. Content is the king, and after finding the optimal keywords for your SEO campaign our content writers starts their work for creating a masterpiece. SEO works in a combination of two factors i.e., On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO.

What are they? Have you heard of them? Let us explain it in a much simpler way. On-Page SEO includes all the SEO activities that we use on our own SEO campaign. It concerns with both of the HTML part and the content one. Optimization of each web page done here in which Meta descriptions, URLs, Content, Internal linking and most importantly speed of the website meant to be updated. Even the Search engine Google prioritize websites that loads in lesser than 2 seconds

On-Page SEO checklist

1. Content

  • Original content?
  • Served on your website firstly or not?
  • Enough optimized with references?
  • Simple publishing strategy?
  • Length of the content is required or not?

2. Are Meta tags optimized?

  • Meta title is unique and of length 60 characters?
  • Meta descriptions of the web pages are of 320 characters?
  • Properly formatted text?
  • Is text in long paragraphs or shorter ones?
  • Easily readable font even on the mobile screens?
  • Optimized image size?
  • Do images consist the Alt tags?
  • Descriptive image file name?
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3. URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

  • Are webpages are grouped in suitable categories?
  • Presence of breadcrumb on all pages?
  • HTML and XML sitemap?
  • Permanent links are having ‘-‘as a separator?

4. Internal linking and Website’s speed

  • Do all pages have the internal linking?
  • Internal links consist the keyword and non-keyword anchor text in appropriate amount?
  • Responsive website design?

Off-page SEO includes all the activities that are used to get better website position in the Search Engine Results page. Even for the Off-page SEO, On-page SEO matters the most. Off-page SEO is all about link building and is also known as link-building techniques.

We look for the safer websites as after Panda and Penguin updates; Google does not give ranking to websites that are buying inbound links from spam websites. Social bookmarking, Directory submission, Blog commenting, Article/Blog submission, Forum submission/Commenting, Image submissions, Video submissions are some of the SEO off page techniques that can help you better in ranking and gaining attention from the seekers.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is most popular and widely accepted among businesses targeting a new higher achievement in Search Engine Results Page. Basically, these companies ensure that your business always remains at the top and attract potential traffic with desired online visibility.

About a quarter of total universal sale depends upon online promotion and marketing, so, it has become an important aspect of business growth. Its role in product promotions is quite evident, particularly for the company which is not capable of expanding physically. For all these reasons, the SEO services currently hold a significant place in boosting a company's revenue.